More Services

When it comes to writing, designing and multimedia services, one needs many ancillary services too so that things can move flawlessly.
Our ancillary services take care of such needs and let you relax throughout the process.

We offer typesetting service in many languages, proofreading service, editing service for text, image and video, script doctoring,
cartoon and caricature service and more. Check out details to know more about the same.

Typesetting service

From simple leaflet, brochure to books and periodicals, our typesetting service help you get digital version of any text. We provide this service for English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, Sanskrit and other languages.
Our typesetting service is offered in web-ready Unicode fonts and also in Indic fonts of software like Akruti and Shree Lipi. We also provide font conversion service for text conversion from one font to another.



Media houses, construction giants, PR companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, businessmen to celebrities, we feel immensely happy to serve all!