Mangrol Multimedia at New Delhi World Book Fair 2023
Saturday 25 February 2023

DAY First:

After three years, the National Book Trust’s (NBT) New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) is back. We were eager to participate in it as usual, as an exhibitor. Meeting prospects as well as talents in the media field always excites us.

As a media service provider in 40 leading Indian and world languages, we believe networking with people helps us understand the business better and grow along with India.

This is NBT’s golden jubilee year. This is the first time that NDWBF is happening in new and swankier halls at Pragati Maidan. We have learnt that the scale and size of the fair has doubled thanks to improved infrastructure at the venue.

However, the beginning was disappointing. Hope things will improve with each passing day.

Here are a few initial highlights of the NDWBF, from the day prior to its inauguration and of the first day.

  1. As we reached the venue on Friday to take possession of our stall and set things in order, we witnessed lots of chaos. We were asked to go for a gate pass to Bahiron Mandir, from gate 5 at Pragati Maidan, even though we had no vehicle to take inside. It resulted in unnecessary hassles.

  2. The facia was not put on. Neither the basic facilities like a table, chairs were placed. The entire hall number 5, where we are situated, was in a mess with dust and garbage all around. The event was to kickstart the next day!

  3. We somehow managed to find our stall and tried setting things in order as much as possible. Then came another question: Where are our passes that let us enter the venue every day as exhibitors?

  4. There was no one to offer assistance. After some legwork, we found a makeshift counter where NBT officials were to distribute such passes. The situation there was like a jamboree. Several exhibitors were falling upon each other to get passes. A long wait followed until finally kits of exhibitors arrived. Collecting our kit with passes was cumbersome.

  5. We wondered why giving such passes can’t be digitised? If NBT can collect stall rents online, inform about stall allotment online, and do many such things online, why can’t it send exhibitors’ passes online?

  6. On Saturday, we reached the stall and found things were a tad bit more organised than the earlier evening. This gave us some hope and respite.

  7. The newly opened exhibition halls at Pragati Maidan are certainly a notch above the old one. Still, many things may take time to become flawless.

  8. The washrooms at hall 5 were stinking. The drinking water fountains are fitted in the centre between two washroom blocks. The airport like water fountains are useless for those who wish to refill bottles. If you manage it creates a mess. Moreover, taps on the other end of the hall are non-functional.

  9. We suggest NBT should let visitors enter the fair from all the gates of Pragati Maidan. This would help the visitors seamlessly navigate the do and expose exhibitors spread across various halls, whether near the main entry or the rear entry.

There is no doubt that as days will pass, the fair is going to witness many more visitors. The comeback of NDWBF deserves all success for sure!

About Mangrol Multimedia Ltd.

Mumbai-based Mangrol Multimedia Ltd. is a media servicing agency. It was incorporated as a proprietorship firm in 2010 and as a limited company in 2018. Mangrol serves 350+ clients through its in- house team and associates.

Mangrol’s range of services include

  1. Translation (Localization) in 40 languages

  2. Content creation

  3. Transcription

  4. Graphic Designing

  5. Web Designing

  6. Animation

  7. Audio-Video Editing

  8. Audio-Video Production

  9. Voice Over

  10. Digital Marketing

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Mangrol Multimedia is a participant in NDWBF 2023. We invite you to visit our stall to explore our services and samples.

Dates: 25 February to 5 March 2023

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Hall: 12A

Stall: 485