A Better Layout Could Have Helped Exhibitors And Visitors Alike

Mangrol Multimedia at New Delhi World Book Fair 2023
Sunday 26 February 2023


Day two at the National Book Trust’s New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 began on Sunday with a lacklustre mood. The reason being many. One important reason probably was that from NBT officials to participants, all are still getting familiar with the new setup of the halls. Until 2019 when the fair happened the last time prior to Covid-19 lockdown, Pragati Maidan had old halls and layout. Now it’s all new. Anyways.

Sunday has always been a great day for us so far as response is concerned. Making the most of a holiday, people from all over shower their love on this world of literature and creativity alike at the fair. This time around the first Sunday was nowhere close to previous years’ Sundays. The crowd was thinner. Add to that difficulties visitors have to face in navigation as there are no proper signboards put for them. Our stall is located at the end of hall number five and so, exhibitors like us, dozens of them in fact, get to see the least visitors. Though stall allocations take place based on computerised draw, we believe that, and suggest to the organiser, that the stall allocations as well as layout design can be far better than what it is this year. Single stall holding exhibitors can be placed surrounded by large stalls, and aisles can be made such a way that visitors can cover an entire hall in a natural walkthrough.

NBT, can you please ponder over it and help exhibitors next year?

Now, here are a few more observations of the fair and other happenings:

  1. The overall hall space seems to be more expansive and imposing with high ceilings and all but that is not translating into an increased and equal number of visitors on stalls, thanks to absence of natural flow of directional movement between entry, exploration and exit. The layout is not free-flowing and instinctual for the visitors.

  2. Things were not fully settled and sorted even on day two. However, improvements did take place.

  3. Visitors and even exhibitors are not allowed to enter the fair from gate number five. This is resulting in long queues at gate four. This is also resulting in very poor footfalls for exhibitors placed at the end side of hall.

  4. We did manage to meet some interesting people during the first two days. This includes a Zoological Survey of India official Dr. Devanshu Gupta, who shared with us a lot of insight in the world of zoology.

  5. Meeting a few publishers we learnt how the industry is faring today. Many publishers have moved to the print on demand model. If a book succeeds this way, they also consider going for a regular publication.

  6. Aspiring authors are asked to pay for end to end service of publishing a book, and s/he is offered a royalty based on the deal. Deals without any royalty are also on the offer.

We believe we will be exploring many more things as the fair progresses. With that, we also intend to tap possibilities of offering new services to our clients. With that, we also wish to do something for students interested in languages, writing, literature, and other media activities. Keep reading this blog to know more.

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Mangrol Multimedia is a participant in NDWBF 2023. We invite you to visit our stall to explore our services and samples.

Dates: 25 February to 5 March 2023

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Hall: 5

Stall: 485