A pigeon was stuck in manja and could have lost wings. Our team members rescued the bird and ensured offering sky and fly back to the creature!

Let’s us begin work.
Start doing translation.
Check emails, who all have sent us works, queries?
And yes, chai peetey hai..

However, it was a different morning at our head office of Mangrol Multimedia. For, as soon as we all got to work, exchanging , “Good morning” and waited for our tea, our team member Sunil Kharat noticed that a pigeon was stuck in manja and was hanging in our of our balconies. God!

“Call Fire Brigade”, was one shout one of us had immediately. Then, in a fraction of second, another team member realized that the pigeon was hanging a hand away and it was possible to help him ourselves. All we needed a stick and some genuine efforts. So, the idea of calling the Fire Brigade was dropped immediately and we got working.

The window of balcony where the pigeon was hanging was opening in a jiffy. A broom was picked up and three of us coordinated with each other to do the needful. One got out of the balcony, another stood close by to hold the pigeon as soon as it was safely brought close and the third was ready with a scissor, so that the manja that entangled around the bird could be cut without wasting a single moment. In a minute or so, the bird was in Sunil’s hands, and then, carried inside the office. The thread was cut and it really took a while to do that, because it was all around the innocent bird. We tried freeing its wings to endure the bird could be set free, without any harm. However, the bird was really frightened and kept shivering a lot. We really had to take utmost care while cutting the thread. Sunil and Narendra Hembrol, to whom we affectionately call uncle, were the two who did the needful.

Thankfully, it was done. And after initial doubts, even the pigeon realized that someone is out there to help him and not to harm him. One really wonders how even a flying creature too understands the language of touch and the warmth of it!

Our efforts paid off and the pigeon was all cleared of the thread. Then, we gave him some water first, which we believed he enjoyed. Then, it was time to let the bird fly again. We gently took it to the balcony again. As soon as the bird realized that his entire body as well as wings are now all free, it moved on own. For us, it was a day started with something worthy.

Go, rule your sky again, be fearless, free and happy!

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